Krimi Thriller

Daniel Suarez – FreedomTM


„No conspiracy necessary. It’s a process that’s been happening for thousands of years. Wealth aggregates and becomes political power. Simple as that. ‘Corporation’ is just the most recent name for it. In the Middle Ages it was the Catholic Church. They had a great logo, too. You might have seen it, and they had more branches than Starbucks. Go back before that, and it was Imperial Rome. It’s a natural process as old as humanity.“

Pete Sebeck as The_Unnamed_One is on his quest following the Thread given to him by the Daemon. His companion Laney Price has the reputation score on the Darknet to help him on his way. Sebeck himself is still in grief because of the loss of his former life and his wife and son. He has to learn how to navigate the Darknet and he needs to understand what the purpose of the new communities is. The world economy changes and Matthew Sobol’s new world order is evolving. The Major is trying to keep his minions in place and keep control of the economy.

„Nobody implanted anything. These people pay for their own tracking devices.“ Price pointed to a nearby cell phone kiosk slathered with graphic images of beautiful people chatting on handsets. „A cell phone’s location is constantly tracked and stored in a database. Don’t have a cellphone? Bluetooth devices have a unique identifier, too. Phone headsets, PDAs, music players. Just about any wireless toy you might own. And now there are radio-frequency-identity tags in driver’s licenses, passports, and in credit cards. They transpond to radio energy by emitting a unique identifier, which can be linked to a persons’s identity. Privately owned sensors at public choke points are harvesting this data throughout the world. It doesn’t have to do anything with the Daemon.“

Technology is ruling our world. Already. What’s most disturbing about the story is the truth in it. All of this could happen tomorrow and who knows what really happened behind the scenes of the world financial crisis. What we don’t know, is what’s dangerous. Loki Stormbringer, Pete Sebeck and The Major, none of them knows really what the others plan or do (Pete Sebeck doesn’t even know his own plans while following the thread). All of them do tap in traps, and all of them loose something on the way. While Daemon was about technology and it’s flaws, FreedomTM is about economy and how the mighty try to keep control of the world. Let’s see where this thread will lead Daniel Suarez in the future.