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Jeremy Keith – Dom Scripting


Fortunately, JavaScript is like one of those TV chefs who produce perfectly formed creations from the oven, declaring, “Here’s one i made earlier.” JavaScript comes with a range of pre-made objects that you can use in your scripts. These are called native objects.

Jeremy Keiths Dom Scripting book is recommended by all web design experts (including Paul Boag) as the starting point for unobtrusive JavaScript. Keith explains how to add effects and still keep function and content available for users with older browsers or disabilities (progressive enhancement). Keith is starting from the beginning and explains every programming step in detail. If you already have experience with other programming languages this method can get a little boring but for starting out it’s optimal. The book explains the techniques, how they developed over time and even takes a foresight into the future of web design (which we explore already as the book was first published in 2005). If you look for a starting point in dynamic web design this book is still a good place to start although you might want to dive straight into AJAX.