BJ Gallagher – It’s Never Too Late to Be What You Might Have Been


“I didn’t know,“ Frank replied. “On Ash Wednesday of this year I was interviewing the local Catholic bishop for an Easter story. ‘Are you OK?’ he asked me. ‘You don’t seem like yourself.’ I told him what was going on. I explained how I was sending out dozens of résumés and trying my best to figure out what to do next. I’ll never forget his words–he said simply, ‘Sometimes you need to stop looking and just listen.’“

Most of us wonder sometimes, if the life we are leading is what we really want. This book encourages you to change your life, if you are not satisfied with what you have. You can have a second career, you can have a new job, you can have a new love. That’s the message that BJ Gallagher is telling the reader.

The best jobs are those that are a little to big for you. They force you to stretch and grow. Welcome the challenge of new jobs or careers that will test you and push you in positive ways.

You should always try to go a little further than you think you can. Where’s the challenge if you never try? Of course you don’t throw away what you have without a plan B. There a no formulars for how you should lead your life, for how you can find out what you really want and then how to get it. But there are some tips that one can learn from the experience of others. And the most important thing is encouragement. Others have already done it, so why shouldn’t I?

Here’s what I tell my workshop participants: When you’re Dorothy and your goal is the Emerald City, you are willing to take any path to get there. Determination is like an iron fist in your gut. You will not be dissuaded from your dream because there’s a witch on the road, or flying monkeys overhead, or a forbidding guard between you and the Emerald City. You will never be one of those small-minded people who are content to stay forever in Munchkinland. You must be determined to get to the Emerald City or die trying. That’s what it takes to be successful.

Deutsche Zusammenfassung: Viele von uns fragen sich, ob das Leben, das wir leben, wirklich das ist, was wir wirklich wollen. Dieses Buch macht uns Mut, unser Leben zu verändern. Wir können eine zweite Karriere haben, einen neuen Job oder eine neue Liebe. Das zeigt uns BJ Gallagher mit den gesammelten Geschichten in diesem Buch.
Wir sollten immer etwas weiter gehen, als wir uns selbst zutrauen. Wir müssen die Herausforderung annehmen, sonst kommen wir nicht weiter. Es gibt kein Rezept dafür, wie wir erreichen können, was wir wollen. Jeder muss seinen eigenen Weg finden. Andere haben es bereits geschafft, warum nicht auch wir?