Krimi Thriller

Dean Koontz – Intensity


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What he’s trying to do is enjoy the pain as fully as possible. With his fingertips he finds an especially sore spot just to the left of the third cervical vertebra, and he presses on it until the pain causes faint sprays of twinkly white and gray lights in the blackness behind his eyelids, like distant fireworks in a world without color.

In this crazy thriller Koontz is showing us two characters that get in contact by accident. Edgler Vess, a crazy but organized killer, comes to the Templeton house to kill Laura Templeton and her parents. He doesn’t know that Laura’s friend Chyna Sheperd is also in the house. Her instincts tell her to hide even before she finds out that a killer is raging in the house.

Her unblemished driving record resulted from her preference for moderation in all things, including the pace at which she ordinarily drove. Judging by the catastrophes that she had seen befall others, survival was closely related to moderation, and her whole life was about survival, as any nun’s life might be defined by the word faith or any politician’s by power.

Although Chynah Sheperd is bound to a moderate life to stay safe, she starts to chase the killer by getting into his motorhome and following him with a car after the stop at a gas station where he kills two more people. What’s driving Chynah is the thought of the girl that Edgler Vess keeps locked up in his cellar. Of course Edgler Vess eventually finds out about Chynah hiding in his car. A tremendous fight by Chynah to save the girl Ariel is following. Who will be the stronger character in the end?

There was more truth in fiction than in science. She could also see herself as a teacher. If she spent the rest of her life waiting tables, that was all right as well, because she was good at it and found dignity in the labor.

Deutsche Zusammenfassung: Zwei starke Charaktere geraten in diesem spannenden Thriller per Zufall aneinander. Edgler Vess, ein verrückter, aber organisierter Killer ermordet die Familie Templeton in ihrem eigenen Haus, weiß jedoch nicht, dass auch Lauras Freundin Chyna Shepherd im Haus ist, deren Instinkt sie vor dem Killer versteckt, bevor sie noch weiß, dass er im Haus wütet. Sie verfolgt ihn zuerst in seinen Wohnwagen, um ihn dann mit einem anderen Auto bis zu seinem Haus zu verfolgen. Ihre Motivation ist die Rettung des Mädchens Ariel, das Vess in seinem Keller eingesperrt hat. Natürlich entdeckt Vess Chynah letztendlich in seinem Wagen. Alles weitere wird ein furchtbarer Kampf von Chynah, um das Mädchen Ariel zu retten. Wer wird sich letztendlich als stärker erweisen – Chynah Shepherd oder Edgler Vess?